For our meeting this month we will be joining with “Citizens for Free Markets” at the Public Forum entitled “Chattanooga, UAW and Free Markets” to learn more about the initiative by the United Auto Workers to unionize Chattanooga’s VW Plant.

The topic of the UAW and VW has captured the local attention of Chattanoogans and is certainly an issue that many concerned citizens are wondering about and weighing in on.  Given the fact that taxpayers have a $500 million stake in bringing VW to Chattanooga, it’s only appropriate that our community should understand the threats that the UAW poses to our economy.

The Forum on Thursday, July 18 will feature three guest speakers with expertise on the topic.  So you’ll not want to miss this opportunity to become more informed as well as to share your thoughts and pose any questions.

Please note that the meeting will NOT take place at our usual meeting location.

Rather, the meeting will be held on Thursday, July 18 at 6:30pm at Embassy Suites at 2321 Lifestyle Way, Chattanooga, TN 37421.  The brand new hotel is located just off of Shallowford Road one block east of I-75 (in the HH Gregg electronics store complex).

Citizens free market flyer


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  1. Norman Lowe says:

    Sorry I can not attend the meeting I worked at General Tire and Rubber plant in Marion Indiana for 14 years. The plant produced slab urethane foam ,molded fiberglass auto body parts and molded urethane foam for the automotive industry I was a Quality Assurance manager.During that time the people went on strike. They were represented by the United Rubber Workers union. We in management tried to produce enough product to keep the customers supplied. The local union did not want us to make any product so they contacted the UAW at the local General Motors plant to help keep us out. The UAW and KKK jumped at the chance and instead of helping they took over the strike and they had an estimated 2000 people keep us out. Because the rubber workers union lost control all of their offers ended up in jail. Because of this the company found other manufactures to produce the product. The tools were shipped out in box cars to other plants. During the strike plant guards were beat up, employees cars vandalized, the plant was set on fire , windows broke out etc..The result of the three month strike, the union settled for less then the company offered prior to the strike. Due to cheaper parts the company elected to have the manufactures who had received the tools continue to produce the product. Approximately 100 people had no job to return to. Over my 30+ years in Automotive Quality I have seen dozens of reasons why the UAW should be rejected by the VW employees. Just take a drive around Detroit and see some of the results of the UAWs power over the people.

  2. Mike Lynn says:

    I’m a little curious as to why the CTP has inserted itself into an discussion that should be between VW workers and the UAW? Did the CTP really think they would have a seat at the table in future decision making for VW? Where was the CTP when federal, state, local officials and the chamber were giving away taxpayer money not only to VW but to many others? Was the CTP active in speaking out against these handouts? If you were great but I would like to know.

    The real problem is that taxpayer money is at stake. That’s where you need to concentrate your efforts not after the fact. We should have thought about this before taxpayers forked over 700 million dollars, your figure of over 500 million doesn’t include a 150 million federal tax credit. Don’t mistake my comment for support of the UAW I in no way support the UAW.

    • Mark West says:

      Mike, thanks for the question. As you have rightfully noted that taxpayers have a huge stake in the success of our investment. Hence, the entire community has a right and possibly an obligation to at least weigh in on this matter and make sure that both sides of this debate are adequately discussed prior to the VW employees making the final decision. As far as the significant tax incentives that were provided to VW, those decisions were made long before the Chattanooga Tea Party even existed as an organization. That said though, given our three core principles: 1) Constitutionally Limited Govt., 2) Fiscal Responsibility, and 3) Free Markets, we do feel strongly about the need for all governmental entities to live within their budgets and they should not be picking winners and losers via tax incentives and/or grants.

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