Chattanooga Tea Party


Chattanooga Tea Party

The Chattanooga Tea Party was founded in April 2009 as a grassroots-initiated non-partisan outcry against the deliberate, irresponsible, and unconstitutional policies of our Federal Government. We support limited constitutional government, fiscal responsibility and free markets.

In April of 2009, in response to a nationwide effort to protest the irresponsible and uncontrolled spending that has become the norm in our federal government, the Chattanooga Tea Party began to emerge from a group of concerned Americans.

In the years following the Chattanooga Tax Day Tea Party, we have continued to grow as an organization, with the goal of providing our community with the tools and channels to speak out against our federal government’s growth in size and cost. Additionally though, we have realized the truth in the statement that “all government starts local.” Hence, we have shifted much of our attention to our local community and state, seeking to restore 1) constitutionally limited government, 2) fiscal responsibility, and 3) free markets, right here at home.

The Chattanooga Tea Party is not affiliated with any political party and does not endorse language of hatred or personal attacks against individual members of government.

Principles in which we believe

  • Adhering strictly to the US & State Constitutions
  • Reducing the size & limiting the scope of the Federal Government
  • Protecting State Sovereignty (10th Amendment)
  • Reducing the deficit & balancing the budget
  • Recognizing the priority of energy independence
  • Replacing the burdensome & unfair US tax laws
  • Defending the Free Market System
  • Recognizing the power of the people
  • Maintaining a strong national defense
  • Protecting and preserving traditional 2nd Amendment rights
  • Restoring Traditional Values
  • Instituting Term Limits as a means to address political corruption

The Tea Party Movement Nationally

The Tax Day Tea Party is a national collaborative grassroots effort organized by Smart Girl PoliticsTop Conservatives on Twitter, the DontGo Movement and many other online groups/coalitions.

The Tea Party protests, in their current form, began in early 2009 when Rick Santelli, the On Air Editor for CNBC, set out on a rant to expose the bankrupt liberal agenda of the White House Administration and Congress. Specifically, the flawed “Stimulus Bill” and pork filled budget.

During Rick’s rant (see video below), he called for a “Chicago tea Party” where advocates of the free-market system could join in a protest against out of control government spending.

A few days later, grassroots activists and average Joe Americans began organizing what would soon become the Nationwide Chicago Tea Party effort.

On February 27th, an estimated 30,000 Americans took to the street in 40+ cities accross the country in the first nationwide “Tea Party” protest.

Organizers of the February 27th events pledged to continue on with an even bigger and better protest to follow the first. With April 15th being “Tax Day”, it was decided to schedule the second round of Tea Party protests to ride alongside the tax deadline.

And with that, the “Tax Day Tea Party”, the second round of the Nationwide Tea Party protests, moved into reality.