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    What’s Progressive About Progressivism? January 25, 2019

    by Brendan Jennings You might note, if you have not been to these pages in a while, that we have updated our “About” page recently. For example, we added a Values Statement or list of values we seek to promote, which were adapted from the original Mission Statement Mark West developed in the opening months […]

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    January 2019 Update January 22, 2019

    Friends: As we enter into 2019, I wanted to briefly update you on plans our leadership team is developing for 2019 and beyond. First, I can’t thank Mark West enough for his pitch-perfect leadership from the day the Chattanooga Tea Party launched in early 2009 through 2018. Mark set a fine standard for clarity of […]

  • The Tea Party: Who Are We & Where Are We Going? November 17, 2016

      In light of Donald Trump’s upset victory, our meeting this week will seek to answer a number of pertinent questions. We will be looking forward to hearing from you as we discuss our organization’s future: * Is it enough to elect a Republican? * What role should the tea party & conservatives take once […]

  • Senator Mark Green, involved in capture of Saddam Hussein, to speak at Chattanooga Tea Party August 13, 2016

      SENATOR MARK GREEN TO SPEAK AT CHATTANOOGA TEA PARTY Tennessee Senator Mark Green, MD will be the guest speaker at the Chattanooga Tea Party’s meeting on Thursday, August 18 at 6:30pm.  As the Vice Chair of Commerce in the Tennessee Senate, Senator Green helps lead in reducing government and getting it out of the […]


      Curtis Bowers, the producer of the movie Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit, will be the guest speaker at the Chattanooga Tea Party meeting on Thursday, May 19 at 6:30pm. Bowers is a Christian statesman, husband, father, filmmaker, speaker, and businessman. He served as a State Representative in the Idaho Legislature, started and operated three Award Winning […]

  • Millennials & the Tea Party: Securing the Blessings of Liberty March 17, 2016

    Despite the division that is highlighted in our nation today, the tea party and millennials share much in common. The goals, dreams and ambitions shared by many millennials today are similar to those shared by tea party members when they were the age of today’s millennials. Foundational to those goals though is liberty, one of […]

  • Presidential Candidate Forum February 11, 2016

      With early voting already taking place for the March 1 Primary, the Chattanooga Tea Party will be hosting a Republican Presidential Candidate Forum. The Forum will be held Thursday, February 18 at 6:30pm and will include moderated questions as well as questions from the audience. Confirmed as attending will be Kevin Kookogey, Tennessee State […]

  • Hamilton County Assessor of Property Candidate Forum January 15, 2016

    With early voting less than a month away, the Chattanooga Tea Party will be hosting a Forum to hear from the Republican Candidates for Hamilton County Assessor of Property. The Forum will be held Thursday, February 21 at 6:30pm and will include moderated questions as well as questions from the audience. The three candidates, Marty […]

  • Join us at our Annual Christmas Party December 9, 2015

    Come join us Thursday, December 17th for our annual Christmas Party which will take place at our usual meeting location at 6:30pm at The Century Club Banquet Hall, 3221 Harrison Pike (off Access Road, just south of the Highway 153-Amnicola Highway intersection, next to Indian Motorcycles). We are asking folks to sign up to bring […]

  • “The Roots of Liberty” Seminar with Constitutional Attorney KrisAnne Hall November 3, 2015

      In order to preserve Liberty for our posterity, Americans must know that the Constitution was not an invention of our framers and the Bill of Rights was not an afterthought.  Everything contained within our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights is the product of over 700 years of time tested, blood bought experiences […]