Where are You… on Chattanooga’s Domestic Partner Ordinance?


Currently in Chattanooga, there is a “domestic partner” ordinance being debated which intends to grant city employees benefits for their same-sex and domestic partners. And, according to one city councilman, many have voiced their support for the ordinance by contacting city council members and attending city council meetings. However, few pastors, church members, and concerned citizens are speaking out against this ordinance or speaking up for our rights as Christians and Americans. Where are you?

David Fowler said it well when he stated in an article posted on his blog on October 18, 2013: “The Church is prepared for some things. It quickly has meals and clothes ready when natural disasters strike. Hospital visitation teams and prayer chains are on-call when sickness or death occurs. And an individual church can quickly open its doors to those who want to pray when catastrophes like 9-11 happens. That is all good and should be done. But what about being ready to speak to elected officials when bad public policy is proposed that would deface and mar the very meaning of the institution God established to reflect his Triune nature and the relationship of Jesus to his Church? When it comes to state or local issues, the answer is zip. Nada. Nothing.”

Martin Luther King said, “If the church does not recapture its prophetic zeal, it will become an irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority.”

I am appalled and frustrated with the churches in this city. I have spoke to many of my Christian friends about marriage and other hot topic issues, and they all agree with me. But when I ask them to put their agreeing words to action, they all tell me they are too busy, if they say anything at all.

Men of uncompromising faith and character stood their ground in 1775 against tyranny and they are the reason we have the freedoms we do today. I am offended when men who claim to be Christians do not stand up for their faith, country, or families. Today, you don’t have to stand your ground with a gun pointed at you like our founding fathers did, at least not yet. And still, you are afraid to stand your ground against the abuses that are being inflicted on our faith, country, and families.

Again, I ask, where are you?


Christine Connley
Chattanooga Tea Party member


PS.  To express your opposition to this proposed ordinance in Chattanooga, please go here to sign a petition:  https://www.votervoice.net/FACTN/Petitions/267/Respond



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  1. Chuck says:

    Interesting your front page talks about not promoting hate and then you turn around and start a petition filled with nothing but hate. You have truly shown the bigotry and hatred I always thought your Tea Party represented. I suppose we will see you in the trenches.

    • Mark West says:

      Typical response from opposition. No willingness to debate on the merit so simply resort to using the “h” word. I guess you are ok with ignoring the state Constitution and ignoring the inequality in the actual ordinance itself. I’m going to speculate that you had no idea that the ordinance wasn’t even about equality. If you think so you’ve been duped. Read this article that completely exposes the myth that this was about equality. And consider the implication of the article. That the only way to achieve the equity that Anderson professes to seek is to extend benefits to everyone, not just some. So are you for that or are do you just prefer to extend benefits based on a sexual relationship? Your answer will reveal just how “fair” you are. http://lifelibertyand.net/no-equality-in-chattanoogas-sex-ordinance/

    • Enoch says:

      I’d suggest you consult a dictionary prior to using such words as “bigot” and “hatred”.

      You would do far better losing the hackneyed cliches and make an attempt at a comment with a modicum of intelligent content.

      Were you truly interested in fairness, you’d propose the same thing for everybody. And that would include rebates to single people who don’t have any dependents, but get paid no more than those with family members on a government medical plan.

  2. Enoch says:

    Although I suspect I hold many of the same values and beliefs as Christine, I cannot condone making the repeal of the Ordinance a religious cause.

    I know enough of the Constitution to know that “Separation of Church and State” is but a deviant concept palmed off on the unsuspecting masses. However, this Nation was not founded as a theocracy. The balance to be struck is for the majority to assert their values regardless the source.

    Rather than rail against those perceived to be complacent, would it not be more productive to be out enlightening them and passing petitions? Perhaps your style needs a bit of polishing? You write well, organize your missive well, but I would submit to you that you’re using more vinegar than honey.

    • Mike Slaney says:

      I have no problems liking any people, except when they are trying to rob or kill me, or tell me I need to except their immoral or dangerous behavior. 50 years ago or less we would not be having this conversation, the sheeple of this country have been conned and sold a bill of rotten. When dealing with people who promote fornication of any kind, it becomes a matter of legal and religious liberty and convictions upon those being assaulted and dealing with it can not be infringed upon. Immorality is not a freedom or a right it is a choice and it must come with consequences. If a child molester comes to your house or business to loiter or employment, you tell them, no thanks, schools do, Hospitals do, Courtrooms do, police do. I beg the question, Why would you do it for any other immoral person? A thief? A pyromaniac? A murderer? A filthy talker? You name it, Why? It is time we take back Common Sense!

  3. Zeno reagan says:

    I favor a sandy springs, Georgia privatized city workers model. Government employees
    Should not be allowed to unionize ( repeal the Kennedy executive order ) and families
    Gay or straight should receive NO benefits from the tax payers. You just eliminate all
    The employment excesses collectively bargained for by union representation. It is time
    To stream line city and state workers and privatize as many city and state jobs as possible.

    Sandy springs only has three city employes all the rest are contracted out to private companies.

    Thank you
    Zeno Reagan

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